Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving over to "Her Perfect Black Dress"

Hey Guys,

I have moved over to


Thanks Guys

Thursday, April 28, 2011

86 the gym bag

I am such a gym rookie. When I see people falling into the gym with the massive gym bags, gallons of water, and handfuls of trinkets...I just snicker. At this point, I am not ready to shower and disrobe at the gym. I just can't imagine lugging all of that stuff into the gym, then into the locker room, then change, then workout, next shower, redress, primp then leave. WOW, that's a workout in itself. Plus, after an hour and a half in the gym, I am over it an ready to go.

Typically, I go to the gym three days a week. I do 35 minutes of strength training and 40 minutes of cardio. Then I leave. I really don't want to keep up with all of that stuff, hold any water bottles and definitely not lugging in a gym bag.

I guess I'm a rookie for now who drinks from the fountain and changes before she gets to the gym.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

15 Days and Counting

One of the ugly things about PCOS is the abnormal cycles. Sometimes it's here today and gone tomorrow, while other times it seems like it's here to stay. Weeelllll, here's one of those here to stay moments (x100). It's been 15 days and counting. I am over this already. I did do a few things differently this month which includes taking Saw Palmetto, Kelp, and strength training. I certainly wish things would even out so I can feel a tad bit normal.

That's all for now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 High Protein Challenge

Today I am starting a 30 day high protein challenge. During my mini vacay and a week before, I engaged in bad eating. I kept having these weird cravings for cheesecake and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Whew and boy did I much so I gained three pounds. However, only after a few days on going to the gym and eating correctly, I've lost 5lbs. So, for the next 30 days, I am challenging myself to a high protein diet (minus the eggs and fish). I am hoping for great results. I am also trying a revisited strategy of hot lemon water first thing in the mornings. My fellow blogger is also giving it a whirl. PS. Sorry for being sporadic. I've been nursing a broken heart.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DC Cityscapes

I visited my sister last week. It's amazing the beauty that I saw in the city that I once loathed.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear AirTran,

  • the leg room sucks

  • the flight attendants are rude

  • you only service peanuts (I'm allergic)

  • your fees are ridiculous

The End

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Field Trip to Lowes

Welcome to Lowes, how may I help you?

Every year about this time, I take a trip to Lowes or Home Depot to get a huge haul for my lawn. This year, the haul didn't seem as large only because I wanted to hit Ikea before making the final decisions. After the trip, my mom and I worked on the flower bed a few hours (that counts as exercise right) and dug up old plants that just weren't attractive anymore. After seeing some beautiful Iris plants on Lisa's Blog, I was inspired (I copied) to add a few to my flower bed. We also removed a few bushes that the builder but in. IMO, they were just awful and very dated looking. I prefer a clean, fuss free and modern flower bed. (I may post pics).

Thereafter, I had to load up on allergy meds because the pollen was thick and it was a little chilly. Most of all, I didn't want to be too sick to travel or have fun for a day spree in Ikea.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos

(Click on the pics to enlarge)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Got Thrify and Almost Broadway

Thrifting Ain't Easy!

Ok lovelies, The Lady Girl went thrifting today. It wasn't really on my agenda and I was really looking for a side table for my foyer but this is what I left with instead; 4 bottoms, 1 top, 1 jacket and a new frame. The ON jeans are new never worn (yes ma'am), and the others are quality picks as well. I must say this is my first time in a while thrifting. I NEVER find clothes so I rarely venture into that area but today, something was calling my name. So I patiently combed through the hodge podge of clothing, scattering dust about and irritating my allergies further. (That was the bad part). Other than that, it was a cool experience.

Typically, I NEVER EVER go shopping with people other than my mother because they can't quite understand the patience it takes to go through stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross and thrifting. These are NOT stores that one can speed through with the hopes of just finding's a careful art. Today I went with my old co-worker, it was ok but she's just a patient shopper.

After thrifting we decided to do a little shoe shopping. I really need some black sandals. These are the only ones that caught my eye but they were ill fitting so I left them in the store (Off Broadway Shoes). I keep thinking about them but my baby toe on my right foot always sticks out of sandals and I hate that. (Thinking about the tags of Perfect Imperfections on YouTube). Today was swell, I overate and now I'm a bit sick. BARF. My mom comes to town tomorrow and I need to get spiffy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Ain't No Fool

In honor of the obligatory use of the term April, I attempted to draw you in with an engaging title. (Did it work?)

Well, April Ain't No Fool and neither is The Lady Girl. Spring is here and if you're in this area, you know it's with a BANG. OMG. I am miserable in regards to seasonal allergies. Any stint outside causes mayhem. This makes me uneasy because I need to be outside walking and soaking up vitamin D but when it looks like it's raining pollen, it's best that I stay inside.

As far as exercise, I've been slacking on that. I really need to do better because my legs aren't as smooth as they use to be. (insert sad face here). My thighs are becoming jiggly...ewww and no. I can't have that. So, in response to a great special for the gym, I joined. I was once anti gym because it took too much to get there. So now, I've mapped out a route from work and before grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. I am only committing to three days per week at the gym. (The rest will be exercise tapes at home) I have to get in shape.

After reading Amy's blog, PCOS takes huge toll on my facets on one's life. I can't anymore. This has gone on for too long. I have to regain the element that fuels me and that's my femininity.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Interesting Spread Gets Things Going

Breakfast, Lunch, and Who Needs Dinner!

(well I do, but I missed it)

This breakfast was a mix of things. Typically, I eat a piece of Turkey Sausage, a handful of blueberries and two or three strawberries with a cup of juice & coffee. On this day, I decided to eat oatmeal because I had a long meeting and didn't want to get hungry. Being my usual self, I put what I thought was the right amount of water in the pot to boil. (Because I do NOT like mushy oatmeal, I let the water boil first then turn off the flames, then added the oats) Well, I failed to check the amount oats left in the box...GUESS WHAT... there was only a teaspoon or two. WHAT! So I poured them in, got the bright idea to add grits (I've never done that before) and hoped for the best. It turned out pretty good. I don't think I would purposefully do it again, but it was editable and somewhat tasty. Then there was lunch.

OMG. During our break, I went to Taco Mac and had a steak Cesar salad. I hadn't ever heard of it but it was delicious. Yummo. I will have this again.

Though this day was decent on food choices, the week overall was a bust. (Insert need to workout here).

Monday, March 28, 2011

PCOS, Clocks Ticking and Worries

Depending on the day of the week; you may hear my discussion on wanting a baby.

It's really time to do it; I'm 36 and nearing the high risk category for becoming a mom.

Unfortunately, PCOS makes it quite difficult to become pregnant and honestly I am not quite ready. However, I don't want to wait another full year before I seriously start trying. In order for one to become pregnant, all of her lady parts must work properly. With PCOS, this is just not the case. So for now, I am working out, eating healthy, taking vitamins and drinking the tea above.

The tea gets lots of rave reviews and many stated that they have become pregnant within 2 months. Umm...0_O...The Lady Girl would be shocked if that happened.

However, the tea has gotten a few things on track and I will know how on tract during my next GYN visit.

This topic is a bit discouraging and slightly frustrating yet I haven't officially begun trying. Just knowing that this may be an uphill battle is daunting.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chips, Sweet Potatoes, PCOS and Paula Dean

Well, well, well.... One of the things I decided to give up for Lent is drive thru windows. For the most part, I don't eat fast food like McDonalds, Burger King and the like but I will engage in a bit of Zaxby's (delicious salads) or Chick-fil-a - for the cheesecake. Also in order to be budget friendly, giving up fast food and excessive dining out has been a good thing....UNTIL... a recipe goes wrong.

grilled Salisbury steak, "sweet potato fries", seared baby spinach

Typically, I follow recipes to a T with minimal tweaking. On Saturday, I sat in the house most of the day because the weather was terrible. It was hailing, raining hard, thunderstorms, lightening, and tornado warnings, so I stayed put. Throughout my boredom, I stumbled upon a few PCOS friendly recipes. Sometimes when I dine out, I get the sweet potato fries. My guy and I love these things and they don't spike insulin levels. I figured, sweet potato fries would be an easy thing to do. UMM NOT. First of all, my knives are dull. Actually, in all the years since graduating from college, I've never purchased a proper knife set. So, problem 1. I used used the potato peeler to make the fry strips. Problem 2. I followed the rest of the directions.... sorta but the sweet potato fries were a bust. I ate them anyway though the texture was wrong and the flavor was off. (as you can see from the picture above) Well, one good thing I discovered this week was the satisfying taste and crunch of Fried Onions. I don't think I've posted this before, but these are a great substitute for chips. I absolutely love corn chips, potato chips just chips period. I tried the pork skins as a substitute but ewww and no. Just didn't do it. However, these babies meet the need and they are only 3 carbs per servings. In other news, I did manage to loose 2lbs this week. Not too happy with that, but I'll take it since my water intake and exercising are sub par. I really dislike exercising but I am doing better with water. I hope to have a bigger loss next week because I've actually scheduled a bit of exercise time. Let's hope the storms and pollen cooperate with my plans.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Water, Water, Water

Water is so important!

I am sure this is something that doesn't need to be repeated but it is such an understatement. Water is needed for overall health and wellness. Water makes your skin supple, your joints fluid, allows your innards to do their things and it gives the best sheen to those tresses. For the most part, I've always loved water. It wasn't a time that I didn't drink proper amounts each day. However, something has changed. I have trouble getting the required amounts of water. This has gone on about four months now. Technically I am dehydrated and that's NOT a good feeling.

My initial problem with water came with my commute. I would drink lots of water in the mornings, probably half of the required amount and my commutes became torturous. I literally squirmed most of the way to work and had to RUN to the restroom. If there was a wreck during the commute, then I prayed and prayed that I didn't have an "accident". I tried to decrease the amount of water and started missing my requirement of baseline intake. Secondly, my job doesn't allow me to just "go use it" whenever, which again meant I had to do a poised pee pee dance .


Then I fell into this I hate water phase. The taste of it made me barf. I believe it was the plastic bottle so I ditched it. I bought this oh so cute stainless steel water bottle, problem solved. However, I still had the work issue. NOW, I have an assistant and things are better when I have "to go".

I'm glad but now I have to repair four months of dehydration. I've started to add a bit of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light to my work water but all others are warm with lemon in the mornings, and ice cold in the afternoons.

Bottoms up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ultimate Fashion Accessory: Speedy 30

The Speedy 30 is the ultimate fashion accessory. It is classic, timeless and just perfect for that cute & casual day out. This handbag retails for $730.00. I'm sure that it can be found for much less on eBay. However, I often worry about the authenticity of things sold on eBay. There are tons of great deals on trendy non-descript bags, but I can't trust a purchase such as this on eBay. Most of all, I am certainly not paying hundreds of dollars for a replica. NO WAY.

Therefore the Speedy 30 will be my graduation gift and/or weight loss goal to myself.

Fashion is a must!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Spring Lovelies

It's Spring Lovelies

It's spring lovelies and that means one thing: an urgency to get fine for summer. I absolutely love spring, summer, and fall. In my area, it's warm (well hot in summer), sunny, cute clothes, and a better attitude. Winter really makes me a cranky gal. Also, spring gives birth to some of the most beautiful plants, life and affectionate breezes (minus the allergies).

This weekend was awesome. There was a high of 82 on both Friday and Saturday. Because of this, on Thursday I got the most delightful pedicure with toes of delicate pink. (I think I'll post them later). On Saturday, the guy and I planned to do a bit of yard work, but um that didn't happen because the lawnmower wouldn't start. I guess I'll have to call my trusty lawn dude later in the week because the forest yard look is so not in.
So, since the yard stuff was out, indoor cleaning was in. Laundry, a bit of spring sprucing and that other stuff. While doing that, I began to think heavily about my spring wardrobe. I gazed into the spring closet to try to determine what I would donate or keep. I also thought that if I don't get these 30lbs off that I gained over the winter off, I will be in a serious situation this spring and summer.
With that, spring is clearing, cleaning and starting anew.
Oh yeah, I'm in love.
Happy Spring.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lady Girl's - Book Club - The Secret the Power

Hello lovelies,
Among the many things that I do, reading for leisure IS NOT at the top of my list. You see, I read for work and for my academic program, therefore reading for leisure has been few and far between these days. However, I did get on The Secret bandwagon a few years ago. You see, I've searched for a religious spiritual plan that fit me and I happened upon The Secret.
Now, the elements of The Secret aren't anything new. It's basic principles are grounded in God, humanity and love. These are things I can do without all the fluff, rhetoric, rituals and exclusion that I find in other sects.
The book, The Secret, is not a scholarly piece by any means. It can easily and appropriately be deemed simplistic. It does provide focus and a guide away from the various stresses of life.
It is my hope that all persons encompass love and respect for basic humanity but a glimpse into society reveals much different. For me, these are the three things I am am thankful for each day, God, love and respect for humanity.
Happy reading and turn those pages.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She Makes Southern Fried Chicken

For years, I refused to eat fried chicken. As a child, I associated fried chicken with fish because ??? I assume I made the connection because both are fried items. Also, I don't like fish and I am allergic to it. Mostly notably, my mother rarely cooked fried chicken, we mostly ate baked chicken and some sort of chicken casserole.
Fast forward to my HS years. I thought I would have a cute dinner for my boyfriend and me. I
made (attempted to make) fried chicken. I had absolutely NO CLUE as to the love and romance needed to make that Umm Umm Good Fried Chicken. Honestly, in HS, I only remember eating Subway, Graham Crackers and Mac 'n Cheese. So needless to say, the fried chicken dinner was a bust.
Fast forward, no fried chicken, 20s no fried chicken, 30s let's try this again. Ok ok ok. After trying recipe after recipe after recipe, I finally have this fried chicken thing down (thanks to my guy). My guy told me a few seasoning that his mama (o_O) uses on her chicken so I tried them. (since the first time I made chicken for him he was eh)
WEEELLLLLL, his mom's tips worked plus a few tips from my mom... I have now mastered fried chicken. (almost)
Key ingredients; Lawrys, sea salt, garlic and meat tenderizer in the flour and Mortons Season All on the chicken, then soak in 1/2 and 1/2 a couple of hours. If I want to double batter, dip in egg, batter, egg and batter again. For frying, I use Canola Oil.
I don't fry chicken often because it's too involved and I try not to consume flour BUT when I do, it's on.
Happy Eating!
Just delish!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sun kissed Misses

Sexy, sun kissed skin is very alluring. It's engaging, mystical, slightly whimsical, and most importantly gives the appearance of ultimate health.
In the south, sunburned skin is pretty easy to get, but sun kissed is a bit of a challenge. As a black woman, I don't often lay out in the sun and expose my skin frequently because I have yet to master the balance between sun kissed and sunburned.
I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen like I should because I find it to be exceptionally greasy.

So this year, I am trying to prepare early. I went to the dermatologist last week, got a skin assessment, remedy to fix a few issues and a few samples of sunscreen.
Now, I am trying to decide; do I walk more outside to get the hint of sun with my new trusty sunscreen or do I get a bronzer> I'm thinking a little of both.
What do you guys do to get that lovely, womanly, sun kissed

Monday, March 14, 2011

Toes and Boots and Stuff

I love these booties.

They are hot, fresh and sexy. I didn't expect them to be as high as they are, but I'll trudge along carefully because I will be wearing these this weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Losing a Little Baggage

3lbs down
Since starting Lent, I've made more of an effort to eat properly, exercise and increase water intake. I made pretty good choices during the week except when I ate out and I had a bagel at our staff breakfast. It is my goal to significantly cut down on the amount of processed foods that I consume which includes bread, rice, and pasta. I have also discovered that I am allergic to wheat..(insert sad face here). I absolutely love bulgar and often used it as a substitute for the aforementioned. Sooo bulgar is our for now. Once the inflammation within my body is down, I will consume bulgar on occasion.

As a part of any transformation process, the release of baggage is emanate. I've dissolved a few "friendships" and "relationships" that were nothing but a source of aggravation. It has been pretty easy to let go two of them and without event but one has lingered on for far too long. As of today, its completely dissolved.

Without, further ado, a new week has begun!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory's BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad - My Way

The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite chain restaurants.

There are many dishes that are quite delicious. One of my favorite dishes is their BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad.

In a effort to be thrifty and creative, I've tried to recreate this at home. It isn't as pretty but it's just as good.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent, PCOS and some other stuff

Today was a pretty awesome day (but I forgot to take pics).

I only worked a half day because my work BFF and I need a MHD (mental health day).

We started the day with a bit of food, which was swell. We found this cozy score in Sandy Springs called The Brickery. This place was down right delicious. We shared spinach dip and I had the Cesar burger on wheat (big NO NO) but um....

Then after we went to Ross. Typically Ross has some good finds but this time it looked a bit Flea Market ish. Bleh. We also did a cruise through the mall, tipped into Sephora, Starbucks, the jewelry store (to look at engagement rings) and a place that sold great Beverly Hills Sunglasses. I really needed to buy a new pair of aviator sunnies but got these cute trendy sunnies instead. (I'll post one day).

After all of that, I needed a nap. One of the many downsides to PCOS is a low energy level. After a half day of work, lunch, shopping and picking up my car from the scheduled maintenance - I was drained. Therefore, I came home, took a nap and got up to exercise.

I am back to doing the Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. It really works. It WAS my day to walk around Stone Mountain but the rain told a different story.

Lastly, I am going to take on a new challenge with an interesting blogger that I found. She's a woman also with PCOS who is challenging herself to loose 100 pounds in 100 days. With strict dedication, I believe we can come pretty close.

That is all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Observing Lent - March 9, - April 24, 2011

Lent 2011 is March 9 - April 24.

This year's focus for me is discipline and health.

There are some things I am cutting out for good and others just taking a break. Are you guys observing Lent this year?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Back

ok Ok OK

I haven't posted in almost 2 years. Shameful, I know but....